Is Your Transfer Case Acting Up?

Count on us for transfer case repair work in Midland, TX

Midland Transmission & Gear offers transfer case repair and rebuilding services in Midland, Texas. The transfer case directs power from the transmission to the rear and front wheels. If your transfer case doesn't engage, the parts that turn your front wheels won't move. You can count on us to inspect your transfer case and repair or rebuild it in no time.

Common transfer case issues include lack of lubrication, leaks and mechanical wear. Contact us right away to arrange for transfer case repair services.

A rebuilt transfer case can solve your problems

Midland Transmission & Gear can complete your transfer case rebuild in Midland, Texas. Our mechanics will disassemble the unit, replace worn components and reseal it. Rebuilding a transfer case costs less than purchasing a new one and will keep your transmission functioning properly.

Trust us to handle your transfer case rebuild.