Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Rely on Midland Transmission & Gear for differential repair service & parts in Midland, TX

A faulty differential can place strain on your axle and make it harder for your vehicle to turn. Signs of differential problems include:

  • Loud clicking or clunking sounds
  • Worn carrier bearings and U-joints
  • Rumbling noises during turns
  • Broken cornering gears
  • Heavy vibrations when your vehicle is going faster than 20 mph

Midland Transmission & Gear specializes in differential repair services in Midland, TX. Our mechanics have the experience needed to service, repair or rebuild your differential. We also repair other steering and suspension system issues.

Avoid a major auto accident

Midland Transmission & Gear uses quality differential parts to rebuild worn-out differentials in Midland, Texas. A faulty differential can:

  • Cause your wheels to lock up
  • Damage your axle and tires
  • Make turning difficult

Your vehicle will be in good hands when you bring it to our reliable auto mechanics. We can replace your worn-out differential parts to keep you safe on the road.

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